Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you offer?

We currently offer the following classes online and where we are able to we also offer some in person. All classes are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Online Class Information

Due to Government restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are being held via Zoom (video conferencing software). You can access Zoom at www.zoom.us and either book your class via the website or download the app to your computer or personal device. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email detailing how to access the class. You will not be able to access the class without the link AND the password.

Please check your audio settings to ensure you can hear the instructor and your screen settings to ensure you can see the instructor. You do not need to have your video turned on but it is always nice for the instructor to see you and keep the community aspect up. You will not be able to see anyone while you are exercising with your video on as the instructor will spotlight their video so it’s the only one you can see at any time.

If you have any other questions relating to Zoom, please feel free to email JH Fitness at info@jhfitness.co.uk or call on 07850380630.

How much do classes cost?

All our classes are pay as you go or you can purchase a class pass package or take up our JH Fitness Unlimited monthly membership.

Online Pay as You Go Single Classes – £4 per class
In-Person Pay as You Go Single Classes – £5.50 per class

10 Class Pass (In Person Only) – £40
12 Class Pass (Online Only) – £40
JH Fitness Monthly Unlimited (Unlimited classes and On Demand access) – £35 per month via direct debit.
JH Fitness On Demand – £20 per month via direct debit

We also offer one free weekly class for all NHS staff (please provide proof by advising your NHS email address).

For more information check out our Prices and Offers page

What can I expect from a JH Fitness class?

All our classes are fun, friendly and will aim to give you the best workout possible. All classes have a strong social and community feel and all our members and the instructor are really welcoming. There is no judgement and there are different levels and options given in all the class routines to suit all fitness levels and abilities. Your instructor will do their best to encourage, support and motivate you at every step of your fitness journey.
We don’t discriminate and everyone is treated equally.

I'm not very fit. Should I be worried about attending?

Absolutely not. JH Fitness caters for all fitness levels and abilities. The instructor will always show different levels and options to suit all so you will always be able to follow along with the class and you can take everything at your own pace. Your instructor will encourage you, push you and motivate you but will never make you do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. And if you need to sit out at any point that’s totally fine. If you do need to leave before the class is finished, we do ask that you stretch out for health and safety reasons.

Do I have to join a membership scheme to attend?

You do not have to be a paying member to attend a JH Fitness class. Once you attend your first class, you automatically become a member of JH Fitness. You will receive access to the private Facebook group as well as first look on offers and discounts available.

I want to come to the dance fitness class. Do I need dance experience?

Not at all. None of our classes require any previous experience of dance or fitness as they are tailored to all fitness levels and abilities.

Are there any age restrictions for classes?

We don’t have a maximum age limit, however, our classes do have a minimum age limit for insurance purposes. See as follows:

Clubbercise – Minimum age 16
Rockbox Fitness – Minimum age 11
Ballet Tone – Minimum age 13
Broadway Boogie – Minimum age 13
FitSteps – Minimum age 11
Cardio Combat – Minimum age 14
PWR Beatz – Minimum age 14
Hatha Yoga – Minimum age 11
Strength Sesh/Booty Bands/LBT – Minimum age 14
Fitness Pilates – Minimum age 14
Pilates – Minimum age 14
Totally Shredded – Minimum age 14
Glow Beatz – Minimum age 13

What should I wear when attending a class?

As the classes have a level of impact to them we advise you to wear the following:

* Loose fiiting, non restrictive and comfortable clothing you can move in. Sports clothing is recommended but not essential as long as you can move comfortably. Please do not wear jeans or anything that is restrictive.


* A well fitting comfortable pair of trainers that can take impact, that you can move easily in and that do not have a split sole. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR HEELS OR FLIP FLOPS. If you are wearing these types of shoes you will not be allowed to participate for health and safety reasons. You will be permitted to do yoga in either trainers, bare feet or yoga socks.

For ladies, we also recommend a good and comfortable fitting sport bra (or cropped top) too for the high impact classes.

I'm coming to Glow Beatz, can I bring my own Glowsticks?

You can bring your own or buy a pair from us for £5. However, if you bring your own, the glow sticks must be an LED type only. This is due to health and safety and insurance purposes. Disposable glow sticks are not allowed in case they break and leak.

Do I need to fill in a health questionaire?

You will need to complete a Health Questionaire before you can participate in any class. We need this information to ensure we can provide a safe class for you and to ensure we are covered by health and safety and our insurance. This is also to support you correctly when you are exercising as it helps the instructor give you the advice on how to adapt any routines or moves accordingly if required. The health questionnaire needs to be updated yearly which is mandatory by Data Protection laws.

Click here to go to the Health Questionaire page to complete yours.

*Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 must ask their parents to complete the form on their behalf.

Are your classes only for women or can men join in too?

We welcome all genders and all our classes are suitable for all.

Are your classes suitable for me?

We make sure our sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities. We know not every class is going to be suitable for everyone so we will always help you find the class that is right for you.

For full class descriptions please visit our Classes page.

How do I book a class?

To book a class click here and once registered, you can book your place directly. Alternatively, you can download the GymCatch app at https://gymcatch.app.link/download and search for the fitness provider as JH Fitness. Once registered you are free to book a class.

You can pay online by debit/credit card or using a class pass or you can sign up to our monthly unlimited membership paid by Direct Debit.

Do I have to book in advance or can I turn up?

All classes must be booked and paid for in advance. For online classes, this is so you can receive the details to access the online class. For in-person classes booking is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic as spaces are limited due to social distancing and to ensure we continue to stay COVID secure.

How can I pay for a class?

We accept the following payment methods

– Online by Credit/Debit card when booking for pay as you go classes
– Using the 10 class pass option (In Person Only. One-year expiry)
– Using the 12 class pass option (Online only. Three-month expiry)
– Direct Debit (this if for the Monthly Unlimited classes option)

Can I cancel a class?

You can cancel any class you have booked for by any of the below means. However please note there is a 4-hour cancellation window so if you cancel within this time you will be charged for the class (extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of JH Fitness).

* Going to My Bookings in your Gymcatch app or web portal.

* Sending an email to jhfitnessnots@gmail.com

* Sending a message to the JH Fitness Facebook/Instagram page

* Send a text or call 07850380630

Will I be charged if I have to cancel?

The JH Fitness cancellation policy states that if have paid online either by card or using a class pass, you will be charged if you DO NOT cancel within the 4-hour cancellation window. However extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of JH Fitness.

What if the class is cancelled by JH Fitness?

If a class is cancelled by JH Fitness for any reason, you will not be charged and the payment for that class will either be refunded or moved to a different session. Where necessary JH Fitness will do their best to ensure suitable class cover is provided or will run an On-Demand class if possible to avoid cancelling.

What is the booking system you use?

JH Fitness currently uses GymCatch for it’s booking software. Any data you input into GymCatch will be securely stored on GymCatch’s server. If you wish to read their privacy policy you can do so here:


How far in advance can I book a class?

All classes can be booked as far as a year in advance.

What venues do you run classes at?

All classes are currently online ONLY due to the current Government restrictions in place. However, when we are allowed to return to venues the following classes will run as follows:

PWR Beatz – TLB Fitness, 135-139 Victoria Road, Netherfield, Nottingham (NG4 2PD)
Glow Beatz – TLB Fitness, 135-139 Victoria Road, Netherfield, Nottingham (NG4 2PD)

Is there parking at the venue?

For PWR Beatz and Glow Beatz there is street parking in the area and the large car park off Forrester road which is a 10-minute walk away.

There is also a bus route close by to all venues (the 44 from the city centre).

For all street parking, it is your responsibility to check there are no parking permits required.

Are there any problems if I have mobility issues?

Our Netherfield venue is on the 2nd floor and is only accessible via two flights of stairs and there is no lift. We do not discriminate, but we are unable to support those in wheelchairs or those who have severe mobility issues at this venue for that reason.

Does the venue have a changing facility, showers or lockers on site?

As JH Fitness is a community-based business and hires community venues there is no changing rooms, lockers or showers available at our venue. However, all bags and coats can be kept in the room you are excising in however they remain your responsibility at all times. JH Fitness cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to your personal belongings.

If you wish to change, the venue does have a large toilet available where you can do this.

Do you offer a loyalty scheme?

We do not have a loyalty scheme at present however you will be guaranteed a fun fitness class with like-minded individuals and a caring and passionate instructor.

What benefits do I get by signing up to the monthly unlimited direct debit option?

If you choose to become a monthly unlimited member with JH Fitness you get unlimited classes every month both online and in-person as well as the ease of paying by Direct Debit. Plus you will also receive the following benefits:

* 10% discount on any supplements you buy from the Little London Herbal store when you spend over £10 (both in store or by ordering via FB messenger)

* 10% off clothing and accessories with our brand partner StepnpPump

All benefits are subject to terms and conditions and can be revoked at any time.

Do you offer student discount?

At present this is not something we offer but this may change. Please keep an eye on the JH Fitness social media pages for future announcements.

I work for the NHS, do you offer any discounts?

For NHS staff we offer one weekly FREE ONLINE class once proof has been provided in the form of an NHS email address. To book a class, please register for Gymcatch and message via email or social media to confirm which class and time you’d like to book.

What should I bring with me?

For our in-person classes to ensure we ensure we remain COVID secure, please only bring with you what you absolutely need for the class including water, medication if you need it and a face mask that must be worn at all times unless exercising. You must have also completed the health questionnaire prior to attending. If you have not purchased Glow sticks for Glow Beatz you can do this in person when you arrive and they will be sanitised for you.

I'm coming alone, will anyone talk to me?

We know that attending a fitness class for the first time can be a daunting but don’t worry as you will always be welcome at a JH Fitness class whether it be online or in person. Everyone at JH Fitness from the team to the participants is very welcoming and friendly. The instructor will make you feel welcome and included and will strive to give you the best class experience possible.

Community is at the heart of JH Fitness and this is reflected in every single class. There is no judgement and we will always do our best to make you feel welcome, accepted and have fun while you workout.

If you would like to call and have a chat before attending, please call Jenny at 07850380630 who will be happy to reassure you and answer any questions you may have.

Can I bring a friend/friends?

JH Fitness is all about community and socialising as well as getting fit and having fun. So we’d love for you to bring a friend (or more) along with you or recommend them to join us online. Please ensure you and your friends all book and pay for their spot which they can do here

Can I bring children with me?

For our in-person classes, we do not allow children to attend due to current COVID guidelines. This is so we remain COVID secure at all times.

I'm looking for an instructor to hire for a one off event or class?

All our instructors are available for private hire depending on date, time and instructor availability.

Please visit the Private Hire page for more information.

Is the instructor licenced and insured?

All instructors working under JH Fitness whether they be permanent or covering are fully insured and licenced. They are also fully first aid trained and most are qualified to Level 2 or above.

Do you offer nutrition guidance or Personal Training?

We currently offer Personal Training and Nutritional guidance with our partner Fit and Energised. Check out the Personal Training page for more info.

I have feedback or a complaint. Who do I speak to about this?

Please use the Contact page which will go directly to Jenny the business owner.

Is my data secure?

Any data you input on this site or any of our third party sites will be securely encrypted and held securely. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy