What is Clubbercise?

Clubbercise is an amazing workout that feels like you are clubbing but without the heels or the hangover. With a mixture of amazing club anthems and easy to follow routines in the dark with glow sticks, you can’t get much better. So work out in style and get your glow on!

Making you feel like you are going out clubbing, this workout is like no other. Feel the amazing energy from the disco lights and wave your glow sticks as you dance to amazing routines. You'll be having so much fun you won't even realise you've been working out.

The choreography is easy to follow and includes dance, combat and toning tracks and the music will truly make you feel like you are dancing in a club but minus the heels or hangover! So grab your glowsticks and give it a go!


Our Clubbercise classes are ONLINE via Zoom every Monday at 9:30am

Minimum Age

Please note there is a minimum age of 16 for this class due to insurance purposes.