HIIT The Weights

What is HIIT The Weights?

A combination of weight exercises done in a HIIT style format for an all-over body toning sculpt workout to give you maximum defined results. You can use dumbbells, hand weights, a kettlebell or even tinned cans to get your muscles pumping.

Please ensure you have a safe working area with enough room to complete movements fully. Please ensure you have enough hydration and a towel. Gloves are advisable if using weights. We advise hand weights or dumbbells of no more than 2kg per side. Please take note of the coaching technique of each exercise to prevent any injury. You can use tins of beans/water bottles if you don't have equipment.


HIIT the Weights runs every other Thursday at 5:15pm (alternating with PWR Beatz)

This class is ONLINE via Zoom only.

Minimum Age

Please note there is a minimum age of 14 for this class due to insurance purposes.