PomSquad Fitness

What is PomSquad Fitness?

PomSquad Fitness is a super fun, high energy dance fitness class where you’ll be shaking your poms and dancing, prancing, posing and having fun to music from yesterday's classics to today's hits.

This is one of the most athletic dance fitness formats out there and it promotes squad spirit and encourages you to unleash your inner cheerleader. The class will lead you through easy-to-follow fitness routines featuring a variety of dance styles and unique choreography inspired by dance teams, cheerleaders, etc. The routines are thoughtfully designed to build endurance, sculpt your muscles, and torch calories. Bring out your inner cheerleader and level up your workout.


PomSquad Fitness runs weekly both online and in person:

* Thursday at 6:30pm with Jenny at the Arnold Welfare Centre, Nottingham (NG5 6JZ)

Minimum Age

Please note there is a minimum age of 13 for this class due to insurance purposes.