PWR and Glow Beatz Instructor
Brief info

Lucy qualified as a Beatz and Glow Beatz Instructor in February 2020. Outside of classes, she is also a Paediatrician working for the NHS and a Mum of 2 boys.

The story of how she became an instructor starts with her childhood. She was a keen gymnast, majorette, swimmer, and later footballer and trampolinist – basically she was always active and on the go. This continued when she was at university with her representing the university in gymnastics and football until she graduated. Lucy started work as a junior doctor and sport and exercise took second place. This continued for several years until one day she realised she wasn't happy with her physical or emotional health, and something had to change. Lucy was terrified but she attended a local community fitness class (she almost chickened out and turned the car around) but she was so glad she didn’t as she absolutely loved it. Lucy couldn’t wait to go back and started attending regularly.

Three years later, Lucy met Jenny and since the launch of JH Fitness and its first class, Glow Beatz, she has been regularly attending JH Fitness classes. Jenny and the class members have been so supportive since Lucy decided to do her Beatz training and she has been very proud to have progressed from hardly having the confidence to even attend a class to being up in front of a class and to be able to teach.

Lucy didn't get long teaching in person before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. So like all fitness instructors around the world, she had to learn how to adapt and teach online to keep people fit. It was then as her confidence in teaching grew that Lucy decided to further her fitness career. In 2020 she started and completed her Exercise to Music qualification. She has since then gone on to train as a PWR Beatz and PWR Beatz Extreme Instructor and do her Chair Based Exercise and Active Older Adults qualification. She also took a huge leap and started her own community fitness business LuceFit which was a huge achievement. She stepped up and covered classes for Jenny while she was off sick and has gone on to start her own classes too.

Lucy's motivation is to give back what was given to her – the confidence to exercise, the ability to benefit the physical and mental health of the community, and to help people of all ages, genders, levels of fitness and previous experience to exercise in a fun and inclusive environment.

Qualifications and Licences
~July 2021 to Present (Community Fitness Network) - Active Older Adults Qualification
~ April 2021 to Present (Beatz Fitness) - PWR Beatz Extreme Group Exercise Instructor
~ February 2021 to Present (Community Fitness Network) - Chair Based Exercise Qualfiication
~ November 2020 to Present (Community Fitness Network) - Group Exercise to Music Level 2 Qualification
~ August 2020 to Present (Beatz Fitness) - PWR Beatz Group Exercise Instructor
~ March 2020 to August 2020 (Buena Vida Health and Fitness) - Group Exercise Instructor
~ February 2020 to Present (JH Fitness) - Group Exercise Instructor
~ February 2020 to Present (Beatz) – Beatz and Glow Beatz Group Exercise Instructor

~ June 2020 - Finalist in the category of Community Newcomer in the National Community Fitness Awards
~ July 2021 - Finalist in the category of Regional Instructor East Midlands/Yorkshire in the National Community Fitness Awards