History of JH Fitness

Owner and Founder Jenny had been teaching fitness in the community for 7 years, but always felt something was missing. She realised she wanted the opportunity to create her own business and bring community fitness to different areas of Nottingham and reach more people with her passion.

After a talk with her close friend and fitness mentor Mel Bridger (creator of Beatz Fitness), she decided to take the plunge and in February 2019, JH Fitness was born (albeit with a slightly different name). Jenny started it with no logo, no classes and not much of a clue. She was very fortunate to have be given the opportunity to take over a class that was running in Netherfield and make it her own and JH Fitness then started to take shape and become a reality.

In April 2019 Glow Beatz and JH Fitness officially made its debut to the world and the launch was covered by Notts TV. With the help of the very first team member, admin staff Danielle, the class continued to grow and the business began to blossom.
After the success of Glow Beatz, Jenny wanted to see where else she could take the business and decided to take a leap of faith and launch a very new and untested class, PWR Beatz.

After a shaky start, it found it's feet and following on from there was the launches of several other classes including Broadway Boogie, Yoga and Rockbox to name a few.

A great community spirit was born which grew and grew and became home to a lot of people who wanted to make friends and feel at home with the bonus of getting fit.

In February 2020, a new instructor joined the team. A regular participant of JH Fitness, Lucy, made the leap and trained to become a Beatz instructor. She is a welcome addition to the team and is loved by all JH Fitness class members for her perky and fun teaching style and outgoing and friendly personality.

March 2020 brought about a whole new change with the Covid-19 pandemic but it set in motion a new direction for JH Fitness and allowed for it's growth. With the lockdown in place, Jenny and Lucy had to adapt quickly and like fitness instructors across the world, pivot and do what needed to be done to bring classes online. This was a success and helped all our participants to stay active and healthy in a time where nobody knew what was going to happen next and when participant's mental and physical health was suffering.

Fast forward a year and the change and growth that has happened is amazing. In June we welcomed three new instructors, Adam teaching Rockbox and Badass, Emily taking on a new Broadway Boogie class and Sarah taking on a Fitness Pilates evening class. All three took to teaching like a duck to water and it was amazing to see them learn and grow as instructors. Later in 2020 we also welcomed two new members of the team which were Danielle to cover Jenny for Broadway Boogie while she was off sick and Linda who became the class admin and social media manager. Danielle also later went on to train as Fitsteps instructor and has since become a Dance Captain/Presenter and Choreographer for Broadway Boogie. We also launched several classes in person and kept up our amazing online community.

We welcomed new participants and lost a few along the way but we've kept our promise to deliver high quality classes with a community of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other. And our ethos will never change. You can always find a home with us at JH Fitness and be welcomed to the fitness family.

~ July 2021 – JH Fitness – Finalist in the category of Community Team/Group Midlands/North in the National Community Fitness Awards
~ June 2020 – JH Fitness – Finalist in the category of Community Team/Group Midlands/North in the National Community Fitness Awards