Glow Beatz Instructor
Brief info

Debbie first started her fitness journey as a way of getting fit and getting out of the house for an hour (she has a husband, kids and pets so very hectic household). She found JH Fitness and fell in love with not just the classes but the instructors too, the passion they had for not just fitness but fun and being in good company was inspiring. She kept coming back and ended up doing so many classes as she enjoyed the fact it was now helping her mental health too (she has struggled with this for a few years now) so coming to these classes helped her be more sociable and she was happier because of these wonderful humans and classes.

Jenny, Danielle and the other instructors she has got to know inspired her to take her fitness journey one step further and she decided to train as a Beatz instructor herself (so she could also give Jenny a well earned night off occasionally). She has to say it has been and will continue to be such an amazing journey and she considers herself very lucky to work alongside such wonderful women. Debbie cannot wait to dance and sing with you all from up on the stage and see all of your wonderful smiling faces.