Owner, Founder and Instructor (Strictly Fit, Broadway Boogie, Glow Beatz and PomSquad Fitness)
Brief info

My name is Jenny and I’m the owner and founder of JH Fitness as well as the main instructor. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and I absolutely LOVE teaching fitness, especially dance fitness. It’s my happy place and one of my biggest passions (along with my other passion… food)

So I will admit I kind of fell into teaching fitness unintentionally. I’ve always enjoyed fitness and I used to dance and ride horses and do all sorts of sports until I went to university. After that, I went to various gyms but never truly felt comfortable there. I’m not a gym bunny and I always felt lonely exercising on my own. So I started to look elsewhere for exercise and I came across Zumba, found a local class and within seconds of being there, I knew I was home. I loved the music and the social/community feel of the class and everything about it.

When my sister decided to start up her own community fitness business, I went to every class she had I didn’t set out to teach fitness but when my sister started having injuries and because I knew all her routines, she asked me if I would go on the Zumba course to qualify to teach. So I nervously turned up at the course and thankfully passed then my fitness instructor journey began.

Fast forward a year, and my confidence had grown, so I decided to become a Fitsteps instructor. That same year I began my Exercise to Music instructor journey. This was a tough course and with issues in my personal life at the same time, I struggled to complete it. However, after a year and a half of hard work and lots of studying, I finally achieved my Exercise to Music qualification and not long after I trained to be a Clubbercise instructor. My classes were flourishing and it was hard to believe I was that scared instructor who could barely say a word and had no confidence. I was now dancing and whooping and having the time of my life.

I’ve since trained to become a Beatz and Glow Beatz instructor and in December 2017 I was given the honour of being asked to join the Beatz Fitness pro team as a mentor to the instructors. In the last couple of years, I've trained in various new concepts including PWR Beatz and PWR Beatz Extreme, Broadway Boogie, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, etc. I also gained my chair-based exercise qualification in February 2021 and became a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Specialist in October 2021. In April 2022 I trained to become a PomSquad Fitness instructor and launched my own branded class, Strictly Fit, in January 2023.

I also suffer from mental health issues, namely depression and anxiety and I suffered a mental breakdown in October 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other reasons but I LOVE the fact that community fitness and for me specifically dance fitness helps so much with combating these and helped me on my journey to recovery from my breakdown. Fitness isn’t just for losing weight or hitting fitness goals. It hugely helps your emotional and mental wellbeing as well and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do and why community fitness means so much as it changes lives in more ways than one. It’s something I plan to do for as long as my body and mind allow me to!

Qualifications and Licences
~ January 2023 to Present (Strictly Fit) - Founder and Instructor
~ April 2022 to Present (PomSquad Fitness) - Instructor (Captain) and Choreographer
~ December 2021 to Present (Notts Healthcare NHS Trust) - Level 3 Trained First Aider
~October 2021 to Present - Health and Fitness Education Accredited Instructor
~ October 2021 (Health and Fitness Education) - Level 3 Adapting Exercise for Pre and Post Natal Clients Qualification
~ February 2021 (Community Fitness Network) - Chair Based Exercise Qualification
~ April 2020 to Present - (Broadway Boogie) - Broadway Boogie Instructor
~ August 2019 to Present (Notts Healthcare NHS Trust) - Mental Health First Aider
~ February 2019 to Present - (JH Fitness) - Owner, Founder and Instructor
~ August 2017 to Present (Beatz Fitness) – Beatz and Glow Beatz Instructor
~ June 2015 (Health & Fitness Education) – YMCA Level 2 Group Fitness Instructor (Exercise To Music)

~ June 2020 - Finalist in the category of Regional Community Fitness Instructor (East Midlands/Yorkshire) in the National Community Fitness Awards
~ June 2019 - Finalist in the category of Female Community Fitness Instructor of the Year in the National Community Fitness Awards
~ December 2017 - Finalist in the Midlands category for the Fitsteps Instructor of the Year Awards