So anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of an obsession with crazy looking out there leggings. The more out there design of the leggings the more I want them. I’ve made no secret about the fact I absolutely love Lucy Arnold the owner of fitness clothing brand Lucy Locket Loves. She is my inspiration and my role model!

A while ago she posted the below transformation picture of herself on her Facebook page and I was really moved by it. She really made a big deal of caring more about how she feels than how she looks. Lucy makes me remember to love myself when I really don’t want to.

I’m not where I want to be weight and looks wise, not by a long shot, but I also have to remember that what I look like is nowhere near as important as how I feel. Society wants to judge us for what we look like rather than who we are and we let society get away with it time after time. With the exception of my depression I do try to love who I am. I love my journey of how I got to the me I am today despite all the highs and lows and I will continue to try and love myself no matter what.

I love the people I have around me who lift me up not tear me down. Who want me to be the best I can be but will never judge me or force me to be something I’m not. And if someone doesn’t love you for WHO you are, EXACTLY as you are then they aren’t someone who deserves your love in return whether that be family, friends, work colleagues, etc. You are you and you will never be anyone else so stop trying to be. Yes you can work towards a healthier or happier version of you if that’s what you need to do FOR YOU but do it while you stay healthy and stay strong at the same time.

Don’t push yourself so hard that it hurts you and definitely don’t change yourself to suit what someone else thinks you should be whatever that may be. Two of my favorite quotes are “Just be you, cos life’s too short to be anyone else” and “Everyone else’s opinion is none of your business so don’t let it be”. Wise words to live by. So the next time you feel like judging yourself (or anyone else for that matter), ask yourself “Do I deserve be judged or do I deserve to be loved”. I hope you go with the second one!

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