I wanted to post this after chatting about mental health struggles with one of my participants tonight! As you all know I suffer with depression and anxiety and it’s something I’ve lived with for years! I also know others suffer too and I love to know that my posts and my classes are making a difference in people’s lives! It’s what I set out to do when I created JH Fitness. I wanted to create a place where people could exercise without fear or judgement, where they could make friends and feel good about themselves and join in a class that made a difference to them not just physically but mentally and emotionally too! And I wanted it to be a place where it’s okay not to be okay because no matter what we don’t judge and we do accept you just as you are!

Mental health struggles are tough to live with. I’m not saying physical struggles aren’t just as tough but mental health issues are harder to see and even harder to understand and there is so much stigma surrounding it. People who don’t have it can’t understand what it feels like and they judge and say hurtful or upsetting things. And the worst part is they don’t understand or know why they are hurtful or upsetting! And so living with mental health issues makes you feel likes it’s not okay! However I can tell you that it’s ALWAYS okay not to be okay and if you are having a low day or struggling with high anxiety or anything else don’t feel you have to hide your demons or that you are not worthy of help because you are worthy and you don’t have to hide!

With JH Fitness I encourage everyone to embrace who they are whatever they may look like, feel like, think like, struggle with, etc! At my classes and in life, myself and my class members don’t judge. We just embrace you exactly who you are and however you come! Your mental health or physical health does NOT define you!

So if you ever feel like a broken crayon, remember you will always still draw no matter what and there will always be people who will help you to keep drawing!

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